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Sprout Market is a food-community app offering farms and neighbors the opportunity to sell produce and select prepared food items via the app

Increase your household income by up to $20,000 per year!


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The application is free to download and advertise your products.


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Residential Kitchens

 These home kitchens are license exempt if producing baked goods or confectionery items that are sold direct to the consumer. Sales up to $20,000 annually!


Prouducts that can be sold by anyone

Fresh and dried fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes and seeds
Eggs and unadulterated honey
Pickles, sauerkraut, preserves, jams, jellies and syrups
Flowers, floral arrangements and beauty products
Fresh poultry sales of up to 1,000 birds
Raw milk from goats, sheep and cows
All these are license exempt sales up to $20,000 annually right out of your backyard!


Licensed Farms and Ranchers

We're building a large target audience for your products. Please contact us for further information. We manage all transactions and fund distributions are made to sellers on a weekly basis. Sellers, feel free to contact us for further information about transaction fees.

Opportunities are Everywhere

Sprout MArket Sellers

Using the Sprout Market App


The application is free to download and advertise your products.


We manage all transactions and fund distributions are made to sellers on a weekly basis.  


Sign up as a seller and input your information. Your profile picture will be your signature logo for buyers to recognize your farm.

Once you are signed up, you can add items for sale in the "my menu" section of the app.  These items can be viewed by buyers after they tap on your profile picture.

The description field in the "add item" section is the most important area of the listing. 

The information you input in this area will be available to the buyer when they view the item you are selling. The way you wish for the buyer to receive the goods is the information you need to present in the description field. 

Once a buyer has purchased an item from you, this information will continue to be available to the buyer. The buyers phone number will become available to you in case you need to contact the buyer. Their phone number is a good way for you to be able to assign a unique code to each sale you make. 


We charge 6% per transaction plus associated transaction fees which comes out to be 9%.

Sprout Market Buyers


Food on demand


Get a reliable fresh and local food source in minutes, at any time and on any day of the year.




Compare prices and selection on all kinds of farms, from daily food boxes to specialty items.


An easy way to get healthy local food

Selling Tips

Description Box


When entering text in your description box remember this is your first connection with your customers. 

  Describe the units of sale. i:e - # lbs, boxes, bundles. and when and where pick up times are all points to include. 


Drop off/Pick up


 Farmers Markets make great pick up points. We are hoping that by bringing produce that you have already sold to the farmers market, farmers and ranchers have the opportunity to lower their risk and maximize their potential profits for the day.  

You can be creative with pick up or drop points. If you already drop boxes of produce at farm stands, simply advertise your products on the app and sell your items the way you already do.  



Delivery is always an option for the dedicated seller. Set the days you wish to deliver and accept orders in the meantime. 

People love visiting farms! Selling items for from your location is an option too!  

Featured Farmers!


Bluestone Natural Farms


Bluestone started with a few Cattle, Goats and Chickens and have grown now to having 35 head of cattle, 40+ Goats, 40+ Pigs, and 25 Chickens, a green house, milking barn  and now a store front.

Mike and Onda both grew up on farms and both work full time jobs with hopes to one day retiring and have the farm as a source of income.  From that dream, came Bluestone Natural Farms in Powell Butte, OR!  We are proud to offer a variety of local products from all-natural grass fed beef, goats, pork, eggs, a large variety of produce, and “made on the farm” goods.


DD Ranch

 Located in beautiful Central Oregon, DD Ranch raises 100% grass fed/finished beef and lamb, heritage pork, eggs from free-range hens, and raw honey from happy bees. Much of their livestock are heritage breeds, promoting genetic diversity. They promote a closed system. While they are not certified organic, they do follow organic practices and have reseeded all of our pastures with OMRI certified alfalfa. Our pastures are not sprayed, nor do we use chemical fertilizers. We do not use hormones or antibiotic feed for our livestock. We believe that happy and healthy stock make for happy and healthy families. 


2Sisters Ranch Wagyu

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